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Tao Haiku - Verse 1

Tao is like water,

flowing over, under, and

around obstacles.



Tao Ke Tao

Fei Chang Tao

"The Tao that can be explained by words or comprehended by thoughts is not the eternal Tao or true Tao." - Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Water, representing the Yin aspect of Tao, is receptive, flows downward, always returning to the lowest places on Mother Earth. Never forcing its way, Tao overcomes by yielding. Flowing water dissolves rocks and obstacles in its path slowly, without haste.

As Lao Tzu teaches: "Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished."

Sun Tzu teaches: "If one is weaker, be capable of withdrawing". In the face of opposition, the sage yields.

Water is like the Tao, it never struggles, but flows in accordance with Nature's Way.

Tao is Pure Love. As Master Sha teaches: "Love melts all blockages." Flow like the Tao and no obstacles or challenges will block your path.

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