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Tao Haiku - Verse 3

Tao is never full.

To advance the soul journey,

empty the vessel.



The Master cannot deliver wisdom to a student full of himself, filled with ego, or overflowing with pride, self-worth, and accomplishments.

As Lao Tzu teaches: "Fill your cup to the brim, and it will spill."

Practice Xiu Lian to empty a cluttered mind. Thoughts, attachments, and desires melt away when one is able to sit in stillness and serenity. When we are free from desires, when we become empty vessels, Tao can enter our being naturally.

The "empty cup" metaphor is an ancient teaching from multiple spiritual traditions. I was presented this teaching by both Hindu and Taoist masters at times on my journey when I was not making progress due to attachments to my own achievements.

If you inflate the ego with thoughts of how special you are, you will lose ground quickly on your spiritual journey.

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