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Tao Haiku - Verse 5

The sage makes no plans.

When the darkness approaches,

Ren Xians appear.



Lao Tzu teaches: "A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."

The world is a marvelous playground of diverse landscapes, cultures, and natural wonders. To travel the globe and experience Mother Earth's vast potpourri of people before us in all sizes, shapes, and colors is a chance to share the global experience of our being "human".

But carrying too much "baggage" on the journey, overplanning an itinerary, or demanding excessive physical comfort is not the way of Tao. Travel light, be flexible, have no expectations, and make no plans.

Master Sha teaches time and space cycles in 15,000 year "eras". The most recent cycle - the Soul Light Era - began on August 8, 2003. The Hindus, Greeks, Mayans, and Egyptians all reference "the Great Year," similar multi-thousand year cycles of equal parts light and dark. If you visualize the Great Year as a clock on the wall, midnight represents a time of unity when man is at one with God-consciousness and experiences "heaven on earth." 6 a.m. represents the darkest times when man's consciousness and awareness of God is almost totally obliterated. Master Sha's mission is to join all souls as one "Wan Ling Rong He" by the time we return to the apex of the current cycle in the next 15,000 years.

When human beings forget about God, when sickness and despair are prevalent, and all hope seems lost, Heaven sends us "human saints" and higher level saints to help guide humanity back to the light. In the yuga of recent darkness - from the current time going back approximately 2500 years - the Buddha, Jesus, and many other high-level spiritual beings descended to Mother Earth. These Ren Xians (human saints) continue to give love, light, and hope to millions of struggling souls.

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