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Tao Haiku - Verse 7

Tao Calligraphy

writing opens the portal,

Heaven’s saints descend.



The writing of Tao Sacred Calligraphy is a spiritual art. Advanced practitioners write Tao calligraphies to heal themselves and others of physical, emotional, mental, financial, and relationship challenges that manifest as part of one's karma thereby causing distress, sickness, and unhappiness in one's life.

Ancient Taoists wrote calligraphies, sometimes called "talismans", to manifest health, financial wealth, favorable living situations, good weather, and abundant harvests for themselves, family members, and residents in the village.

Master Sha teaches that "Tao Sacred Calligraphy healing is the highest level of healing."

When the Master writes or traces a Tao Calligraphy, a spiritual connection opens between the ink, paper and Heaven. Healing occurs when Heaven's saints, Heaven's animals, and Heaven's treasures descend through the portal to assist the souls in need of the healing blessing.

Tao Changs are sacred spaces within temples where Tao Calligraphies hang on the walls in regal splendor. When you enter a Tao Chang, the frequency and vibration of the sacred calligraphy treasures facilitate the removal of karmic blockages.

The sage will find a Tao Chang, ask for a blessing, sit in the calligraphy field, and receive healing from Heaven's saints!

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