Tao Haiku - Verse 8

Master is coming!

Hearts overflow in rapture.

Birds sing, dragons soar.


Find your spiritual Master!

A living embodiment of love, peace, and harmony on Mother Earth.

Your heart spontaneously bursts with joy when Master arrives in the room after a long absence.

Find your spiritual Master!

An extension of the Divine. In tune, in touch, and praised by Heaven's saints and Heaven's animals.

Find your spiritual Master!

Like a loving parent guiding a toddler just learning to walk, Master never judges you, always loves you, always encourages you, and always forgives your mistakes.

Find your spiritual Master!

Meld with the eternal love of your Guru, become one with Heaven, the Divine, the Tao, the Source.

Find your spiritual Master!

As Master Sha teaches: "There is hope to accomplish your spiritual journey."

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