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Tao Haiku - Verse 10

To start projects and

accomplish tasks is doing.

Tao is non-doing.



While living in the world of duality governed by the Law of Karma, Buddhists remind us that "Life is Suffering" and that "The Cause of Our Suffering is Desire."

Our ego creates "stuff" for us to do, projects to fill up our time, keep us "busy", and distract us from progressing on our Xiu Lian Purification Journey. When basic desires for shelter, food, and sex are satisfied, our desires can evolve to more expansive projects, like taking that vacation to Tahiti, supporting charitable causes, helping save the planet, etc. When we finish a project, we feel a sense of accomplishment, though it's often short-lived and is soon replaced by a new desire for a new undertaking. In the yin/ yang world, there is always the next project, another desire, a new mountain to climb, a new goal to achieve.

Master Sha teaches:

Shen, Lao, Bing, Si

(Birth, Old Age, Sickness, Death)

Bound to this endless cycle as a result of our karma, our attachments, and desires, we are always doing things, and creating new projects to keep ourselves busy, but

"Doing" doesn't work on the spiritual journey...

Lao Tzu teaches:

Practice non-action.

Work without doing.

Teaching without words and working without doing

Are understood by very few.

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