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Tao Haiku - Verse 11

Soul over Matter,

Qi flows without blockages.

Success is certain.



Mind over matter means: Our minds/egos direct our daily interactions with the world, most often based on our human needs, wants, and desires. The power of positive thinking, of mind power, can often work wonders for our health and well-being.

Soul power is even more powerful than mind power.

Soul over matter means: Our souls direct our interactions with the world, and each other, based on our intent to create good karma, clear negative karma, and move forward on our soul journey.

Master Sha teaches "Soul is the boss." When our soul and mind are in alignment with each other, we feel balanced, healthy, and emotionally stable. When our mind/ego wants us to do something that our soul knows is unhealthy for our soul journey and could generate negative karma, we struggle and can suffer sickness.

Master Sha teaches: Qi is energy. Blood is matter. "Qi xing xue xing, qi zhi xue ning" means "If qi flows, blood flows. If qi is blocked, blood is stagnant." In traditional Chinese medicine, all sickness is due to blockages of qi and blood.

Therefore, align your soul and mind as much as possible to ensure the healthy flow of qi and matter, and achieve success in all your endeavors.

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