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Tao Haiku - Verse 16

Master brushes ink.

Heaven’s saints, animals, and

treasures are summoned.



Tao Sacred Calligraphy has the power to heal.

In ancient times, advanced Taoist priests wrote calligraphies, sometimes called talismans, to connect with Heaven. To cite just a few examples, talismans were written on small pieces of wood and worn around the neck to affect healing of physical illnesses, deliver blessings to farmers for their crops, ward off evil spirits, and even facilitate movement over vast distances instantaneously. These calligraphies were requests to the soul world to intervene in the Earthly affairs of humans, governed by, and suffering, the effects of karma.

Master Sha writes Tao Sacred Calligraphies that deliver healing by connecting with countless saints, countless spiritual fathers and mothers, countless Heaven's saints' animals, and countless treasures of Heaven, the Divine, Tao, and the Source.

To receive healings from Heaven when Master Sha or one of his certified teachers/healers write or trace Tao Sacred calligraphies for you is to recieve a priceless blessing that will serve your soul for all lifetimes.

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